Frequently Asked Questions

A collection of questions and the corresponding answers we get asked a lot about our flags, banners and poles:

- How long does a flag last?

This varies greatly depending on what size, fabric and style of flag it is and the weather. In particular the wind and the flag's exposure to it. If the flag is a standard size of 1800x900mm, brought in at night and also in stormy conditions and is in a fairly sheltered spot it will generally last 12 months. 

However if it is a larger size or on top of a tall building or in an exposed area, or if the weather is particularly windy or stormy, it could last only a few months.

We can recommend the best flag for your situation - please ask us for further advice.

- Can you deliver a 6 meter Flag Pole to Kaitaia?

We certainly can - we send our poles all over New Zealand at the best rate possible.

- Do you make the flags and poles in house?

We make the majority of the flags we sell and the Premium Flag Poles as well. We do have a range of economy flags which are imported.

- How should I fly a flag?

A flag should not be able to touch anything but the flag pole and the pole should be free from sharp objects. Make sure there are no trees, buildings, fences or other potential obstructions in reach of the flag fabric.

- What is the protocol for flying a country flag?

This NZ government website has a wealth of information on flag protocol and other interesting flag facts: Click to follow external link.

- Can you repair flags and banners?

Yes we will repair your worn out flag if it is still possible. And if you purchased it from us the repair is free. If you notice the hem starting to fray then bring it in as soon as possible to avoid further deterioration.